What Are The Best Ways To Keep Towels Fluffy, White, and Soft?

Do you remember the feeling when you rubbed your brand new towel for the first time? That feel has long been gone as the friction, oil, soil and hard water have worn it down. Even the fluffiest towels like Turkish towels feel stiff if they aren’t maintained properly. But how can you keep your towel soft? Here are a few tips that will definitely help you in this.

Cut back on harsh detergents!

Regular use of detergent damage towels at a microscopic level and make the fabric sharper like barbed wire. Using detergent too much can also leave a soapy residue that makes it stiff. You can either choose to use less detergent or use the ones that aren’t overly harsh.

The best pure cotton bath towel needs the best care – use warm water!

The motto is to dissolve the detergent well and warm water is good at that. Warm water dissolves the detergent well that leaves lesser residue on your towel.

Buy a bottle of vinegar before you buy pure cotton bath towels!

Regular fabric softeners are loaded with silicon that makes your towel water repellent over time. The use of vinegar ensures that your towels remain soft by reacting with the residual soap and completely dissolving them. The vinegar also reacts with other oil-based debris that makes your towels rough.

Use baking soda sometimes!

Unlike industrial-grade detergents, baking soda isn’t that harsh. You can understand that as you often use it in your recipes. So, if you see that there are small stains on your towel then you can use baking soda as this does the work without harming the threads. Baking soda naturally eliminates musty odours as well and that is a bonus.

Use the washing machine rightly to keep your towels soft!

Don’t wash your towels with other clothes as it might spoil your white pristine towels by transferring harmful dyes and chemicals. Also, don’t put too many towels at once as your machine may not wash too many of them efficiently when stuffed up to the neck. Don’t overload your washing machine.

Everything has an expiry date and so do your lovely towels!

Though these are the best methods to stretch the lifespan of your towel you can’t use them forever. Knowing when to replace your towels is important. Our recommendation is that you should use towels for no more than two years. That’s the exact time when your towels need to retire and take up a new job.

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