How to Clean Your PVC table mats – A Guide

Table mats are the superheroes of our dining space. They protect our table-tops from heat damage, splashes and spills and in turn get messy. Washing these table mats is important because germs, moulds and other pathogens breed and proliferate on them if they are left unwashed. Though there are standard steps to clean placemats, not all placemats can be completely disinfected even after all of these steps. So the first step should involve the proper choice of placemats. Let’s see how you can choose a great placemat for your dining space.

Look for easy to clean placemats in placemats store

Some placemats are easy to clean while cleaning others takes more effort. The ones that come with fewer design elements are the easiest to clean while the ones that are full of intricate designs hold on to the grime for a longer period. But there is more to it as the material with which the placemats are made also matters. Look for these materials as they are the easiest to clean. This guide will help you choose the best placemat for you.

Know this before you buy a cloth table mat online

Cloth placemats soak spills and splashes quickly. They come in gorgeous designs too. They are easy to clean and what not? Sounds like they are a full package right? Though they are easy to clean they just get cleaned on the surface. Most of them have multiple inner layers that harbour germs inside them.

Though bleaching them can get rid of those germs, they will in turn spoil the placemats and burn their colour. Keeping them in sunlight for UV light to do its work might seem like an option but sunlight can’t reach thick inner layers. So you have a problem with cloth placemats.

Why you should stay away from bamboo placemats?

Bamboo placemats are beautiful, traditional-looking, and natural. They come in multiple designs too. What makes bamboo mats so attractive? Bamboo mats have plenty of crevices that make them beautiful but these crevices are also those spots where food particles deposit and become the breeding ground of moulds, fungi and pathogens. Hygiene should be the priority when we talk about crockery and the overall dining environment. Bamboo placemats aren’t great for that purpose.

Why Plastic or washable placemats vinyl are the best?

The vinyl mats are the most user-friendly placemats that you can get in a placemat store and on the internet when you are on a quest to buy a table mat online. These are the easiest to clean. You just need to scrape off food remnants with a cloth or with a butter knife and wash them in warm soapy water. As these placemats are easy to clean among all types of materials, so you can even think of using various designs of these placemats.

Want to try sophisticated designer placemats? Try Linen Lane store that gives you a variety of placemats to choose from. Linen Lane’s placemats have ornate designs inspired by nature that give your dining space an exquisite semblance. Their cruelty-free, zero hazard vinyl placemats are a fix for all your dining needs.

Step-by-step guide to clean PVC table mats

  1. The first step includes the inspection of placemats for dried food remnants. Scrape off these easily removable leftovers avoiding any sort of damage to the placemats. PVC placemats are the best as they are robust and strong.
  2. Soak these placemats inside a container with hot water. Add two tablespoons of liquid detergent to make the process smooth.
  3. Scrub Your Placemats after soaking them properly. Use a toothbrush with soft bristles and scrub away the remaining debris.
  4. Give your Placemats a final rinse so that the remaining residues are all gone. You can put them under running water beneath a tap. That’s more than enough.
  5. Dry your placemats in the sunlight so that the UV rays kill off all the pathogens and reinvigorate your placemats for another week’s rigorous use.
So now you have a complete guide for purchasing and using placemats. If you feel that it’s hard to find the best quality placemats online or in stores near you then you can check Linen Lane’s products. They keep a wide variety of placemats that are durable and sophisticated.

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