How protective placemats can save your wooden table?

Table mats are the modern version of table cloths that have adorned dining tables since medieval times. You will see many period dramas and paintings depicting high-quality white linen or cotton cloth on the table. High-quality table tops made of precious wood; stones and ivory was a thing in medieval culture. Protecting these tabletops from damage with table cloths was logical too.

Protective placemats came into widespread use in the early 1900s as they were more practical, scientific and decorative. We can say that placemats were the invention of the sophisticated and modern minds of our era. After all this modern invention is much more than a decorative table cloth. We normally take these articles for granted but they deserve more attention. Let’s see how these everyday articles can make your life better.

Heat resistant table mats save tables from heat damage

Hardwood tables and glass tables are sensitive to heat damage. Unlike regular PVC tables, these tables are expensive. Serving sizzling hot dishes on these tables can damage the wood, the glue that holds the table top together and even discolours the table top. Heat proof table mats come in handy in such situations as they form an effective barrier between the table top and the hot utensils. Now you can serve your hot sizzlers easily.

Protective Placemats make cleaning simple

Who loves to clean the table and utensils after dinner? Certainly, no one! We all want to retire to our beds or to our couch and relax after a meal. Protective placemats help you to retire and take a time off. You don’t have to worry about cleaning the table immediately after the meals as table mats take all the dirt for you.

Cleaning placemats come with very little effort. All you have to do is to give them a wash under running tap water. A weekly soap water wash and a monthly sun exposure can keep them in great shape for years.

Noise and Scratches Can Be Reduced Using protective placemats

A noisy and disordered dining space distracts and spoils the dining environment. Placing drinking glasses and crockery on wooden or glass tables can create a noisy ambience. Placemats not only save your table from the sizzling food but also help you to keep a great ambience at the dinner table. Thick heat proof table mats act as a buffer and reduce the noise hence making the ambience better. Now your entire family can enjoy their family dinner without making distracting noise in their dinner table discussions.

Scratches on your elegant glass table tops are the most annoying things for sure. You can easily avoid them by using placemats. No matter how clumsy someone gets on the dinner table; dropping spoons, knives and forks won’t hurt your precious glass table tops.

Round placemats add elegance to your dining space

Round placemats take less space than other placemats. They are probably the most efficient space takers. Round placemats beneath round plates and crockeries can help you manage your space efficiently. They are also the most elegant among other shapes.

So when you go for your next shopping spree, you definitely keep these points in mind before purchasing your next heat proof table mats.

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