What Makes Cotton White Towels The Best Option For Bathrooms?

Choosing a designer soft towel set is crucial and we don’t recommend taking this task lightly. Towels are something that comes in contact with the largest organ of the body – The Skin. And we have to use them every day after bathing and after every time we use the washroom. First, we need to know what are the different towel materials available in the market and then we will compare them with the different grades of cotton available in the market. Towel fibres are available in natural and synthetic forms. Natural materials like Hemp, Bamboo, Flax and Ramie whereas synthetic fibres like microfibers are also used in the making of towels nowadays.

Non-cotton fibres that are used in designer bathroom towel sets!

Flax-based towels – These towels are lightweight which makes them excellent for travel and commute. Being lightweight they are quick drying too. They are soft but they are also a little fragile and they crumble easily. Unlike Cotton, Linen isn’t naturally white. The designer bathroom towel sets made of Linen need to be bleached before they are dyed. And they contain some trace amount of bleach and other whitening chemicals when they occupy your bathroom. These trace amounts of hazardous chemicals pose a health risk to adults and children alike.

Bamboo-based towels – This yarn is manufactured from cellulose fibre that can be up to 40% more absorbent than cotton. Bamboo fibre, sometimes labelled rayon or viscose is often softened with caustic soda and carbon disulphide that are also highly toxic and pose a health risk to human infants. Bamboo might be softer and more water-absorbent than cotton, but these qualities come at a cost and that is of the chemical treatment that it goes through. The bamboo designer soft towel set is a great decor, but we won’t recommend it for daily use.

Hemp-based towels - It is a great fibre that’s stronger and more durable than cotton. But Hemp has a rougher texture, and in its natural state can fray easily. Also, Hemp is a variety of cannabis plants that are grown commercially and it contains trace amounts of THC, which is the active ingredient in marijuana. Currently, there is no long term research on the health effects of the use of this material.

Should you use a luxury designer towel set made with microfibre?

Microfiber is a plastic-based synthetic material that is a blend of polyester and nylon. Towels made out of this material are lightweight, highly absorbent and fantastic at picking up dirt and grease. But these microfiber towels don’t deserve to stay at your home! They are made of plastic material which is not non-biodegradable and hazardous. They end up shedding microplastics into the water and leaching into your skin when you wipe yourself, which can be harmful to your long term health. Their long term use has been found to be carcinogenic.

Designer cotton towel sets: their typesuses and benefits!

When it comes to towel making, Cotton is the most commonly used fibre undoubtedly. It has been used by every civilisation in the past because of its softness and absorbent quality. But, not all types of cotton are created equally. There are many different types all with different attributes.

Turkish Cotton – Grown in Turkey since the 4th century A.D, the cotton has long-staple fibre which makes it lightweight and quick-drying. If we compare it with other varieties then it is more absorbent than upland cotton but less absorbent than Pima cotton or Egyptian cotton. This makes it quick-drying, strong and smooth. Probably the best travel towel that you can carry around as it doesn’t let bacteria grow on it, hence preventing a bad smell.

Egyptian cotton – Just opposite Turkish cotton, Egyptian cotton is thick and fluffy and this gives this variety of cotton a luxurious feel. It is the best you can have at your home – As home is heavenly and so is the towel made with Egyptian cotton. However, the moisture gets trapped in the thick threads, so you should have ample sunlight to dry it fully. You can also use a dryer or dry it in a room where there is good air circulation.

Upland Cotton – It is a cotton fibre that comes at a reasonable price instead of being 100% pure cotton. The cotton towels made with this type of cotton are great for travel use as they are quick-drying, durable and cheap. The added benefit that you get from these mass-produced utility towels is the freedom of carrying them without fear. You don’t have to fear losing them as they are not so expensive.

The thing to know before you haggle for a designer towel set price!

You’ll often hear the phrase GSM (grams per square meter) used to describe a towel. This measure of weight and quality is most determined by what’s happening in the pile area. The towel you use at home shouldn’t necessarily be the one that you use for travel as travelling comes with its own set of challenges you won’t want to carry a towel that takes time to dry as you can’t store wet towel in your backpack or suitcase. So whenever you choose a towel for home, make sure that you pick a fluffy, highly absorbent and heavenly towel, while when you are on the move make sure to use something that dries quickly. Our exhaustive guide will help you pick up one.

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