Different Types Of Raw Materials Used For Towels!

When it comes to towel making, Cotton is the most commonly used fibre undoubtedly. It has been used by every civilisation in the past because of its softness and absorbent quality. The best bath towels brand in India focuses on making top quality cotton towels. But, not all types of cotton are created equally. There are many different types all with different attributes. 

Types of cotton towels and reasons to buy pure cotton bath towels!

Turkish Cotton – Grown in Turkey since the 4th century A.D, the cotton has long-staple fibre which makes it lightweight and quick-drying. If we compare it with other varieties then it is more absorbent than upland cotton but less absorbent than Pima cotton or Egyptian cotton. This makes it quick-drying, strong and smooth. Probably the best travel towel that you can carry around as it doesn’t let bacteria grow on it, hence preventing a bad smell. So before your next trip buy pure cotton bath towels!

Egyptian cotton – Just opposite of Turkish cotton, Egyptian cotton is thick and fluffy and this gives this variety of cotton a luxurious feel. It is the best you can have at your home – As home is heavenly and so is the towel made with Egyptian cotton. Towels made of Egyptian cotton are the best bath towels for baby skin. However, the moisture gets trapped in the thick threads, so you should have ample sunlight to dry it fully. You can also use a dryer or dry it in a room where there is good air circulation.

Upland Cotton – It is a cotton fibre that comes at a reasonable price instead of being 100% pure cotton. The cotton towels made with this type of cotton are great for travel use as they are quick-drying, durable and cheap. The added benefit that you get from these mass-produced utility towels is the freedom of carrying them without fear. You don’t have to fear losing them as they are not so expensive. You can check these bath towels' price online. 

List of other natural materials used for making bath towels!

The towel industry has diversified the raw materials that go into the making and weaving of towels. Some other fibres that give amazing finish are mentioned below –

Flax – These towels are lightweight which makes them excellent for travel and commute. Being lightweight they are quick drying too. They are soft but they are also a little fragile and they crumble easily. Although these towels are inferior in front of the best pure cotton bath towel, you can give them a try. The experience will never be the same.

Bamboo – The yarn is manufactured from cellulose fibre that can be up to 40% more absorbent than cotton. Bamboo fibre, sometimes labelled rayon or viscose, is durable, soft, and holds colour dyes well. Bamboo is more water-absorbent than cotton, which makes it great for wicking away excess moisture from the body. But bamboo fibres have their downsides too as the chemicals used in making bamboo fibres soft also make them a bit hazardous. Caustic soda and carbon disulfide are highly toxic and a risk to human health and they go into bamboo yarn production.

Hemp - It is a great fibre that’s stronger, more absorbent, more durable, and more rigid than cotton. This fibre has a rougher texture, and in its natural state can fray easily. Hemp is a variety of cannabis plants that are grown commercially. It contains only trace amounts of THC, which is the active ingredient in marijuana.

Artificial fibre towels

Typically a blend of polyester and nylon, Microfiber is a synthetic material. These towels are lightweight, highly absorbent and fantastic at picking up dirt and grease. But it is something that is great for garage use, they don’t deserve to stay at your home it’s still a plastic material which is not non-biodegradable and hazardous. They end up shedding microplastics into the water and on your skin when you wipe yourself, which can be harmful to your long term health.  

Final words – Analysing the pros and cons of the other materials that go into the making of towels we will recommend that you should buy pure cotton bath towels and see that as an investment in your health and wellbeing.

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